Order triggering: Parking the empty bin on the RFID mat

With parkLOG, the order placement takes place when the empty bin is placed on the RFID mat. Each bin is marked with a unique label that is detected by the antenna in the mat, thereby initiating the order.


  • system based on 2-bin Kanban principle
  • order triggered by putting the empty bins down on the parkLOG RFID mat
  • bin stacking height 4 / capacity for over 25 bins per meter of shelf
  • order data transmitted to K&K via RFID wireless technology
  • visual order confirmation / response with LED display
  • installed transponders identified and tested using warehouse management software and number
  • system application in a supermarket or on the assembly line


  • solution impresses with minimal space requirement, mobility and flexibility
  • orders triggered as needed
  • remote maintenance / access to parkLOG RFID mat possible at any time
  • convenient expandability / product integration in an existing system
  • visual aid for the operator in the ordering process thanks to integrated LED display
  • able to track batches at any time
  • bins washed after each return

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