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Intelligent, IT-based Information and Flow of Goods Management

eLogistics from Keller & Kalmbach is an intelligent, IT-based solution for automated merchandise management. This enables the control of all material and information flows of articles with recurring requirements. In eLogistics, all relevant information is bundled and evaluated. A special feature is the bi-directional data exchange. Data are not only monodirectional, order data has been sent from the customer to the supplier, but has also been specifically targeted. For example, the delivery message is displayed directly as information on the transponder.

Integrating Third Party Suppliers

eLogistics communicates and processes data from the logistics system solutions of Keller & Kalmbach. It facilitates managing and monitoring items with recuring requirements. In addition to items from Keller & Kalmbach, products from third party suppliers can also be integrated into the automated goods management system:

  • check and process all orders
  • automated forwarding of all order data to the connected suppliers
  • central processing of all feedbacks from the connected suppliers

Managing Your Intralogistics

Option for managing multi-stage productions, such as, component assembly in consideration of the Pull Principle.

Displayable logistical processes:

  • internal replenishment control and supply of the assembly sites
  • central warehouse - supermarket - workplace

Advantages of eLogistics

  • management of all items with recurring requirements through one logistics platform
  • order processing and forwarding takes place through one system
  • multi-supplier capability and third party supplier integration
  • connection to your ERP system
  • management of your intralogistics
  • existing infrastructure becomes more profitable by means of higher utilization
  • absolutely secure provision of supplies to the places that require them
  • increased efficiency in warehouses and at workstations

eLogistics and logistics systems

Keller & Kalmbach offers you the next generation of Kanban solutions, which are based on RFID and NFC technology and can be combined individually.

Order triggering: Turning the bin

Turning the 2-part bin will trigger the order. turnLOG® is with NFC technology and bidirectional communication.

Order triggering: Pressing the Button

pushLOG® is the perfect solution for bulky materials, such as threaded rods, pallets etc. By pressing the button, the order is triggered. pushLOG® is …

Order triggering: Self-ordering Weighing System

With the newest weighing technology, weightLOG® continuously monitors the filling quantity in the bin. When the predefined weight is subtracted, …

Order triggering: Insertion of the empty bin into the RFID box

With dropLOG® the order release is carried out by inserting the empty bin into the RFID box. Each bin is marked with a unique …

Order triggering: Transportation of empty bins through the RFID gate

With moveLOG®, the order is placed as soon as the empty bin is transported through the RFID gate. Each bin is marked with …

Order triggering: Parking the empty bin on the RFID mat

With parkLOG, the order placement takes place when the empty bin is placed on the RFID mat. Each bin is marked with a unique label that …

Advantages of the logistics systems

  • status message for ordering and delivery on the label thanks to bidirectional communication
  • simplified article change thanks to innovative NFC labels
  • transponders 10 years energy-autonomous
  • processes are monitored, controlled and logged
  • statistical evaluation using the online tool
  • flexible, expandable solution
  • storage not bound to location
  • missing bins or defective transponders are recognized by the system
  • automatic detection of illogical orders (for example double orders)
  • bins may remain at the place of use

The future starts now

With our Know-how to the future

Newest wireless technology

The systems are equipped with the latest generation of radio technology.
Thanks to bidirectional communication, you can see not only whether an order has been triggered, but also whether the delivery is already on your way.

Precise sensor technology

The sensor technology has been completely redesigned. Thanks to the new weigh cell technology in the bin, our logistics systems can be used very flexibly.

Lowest energy consumption

With the new transponders, the "Low Energy Standard" marks a new era in energy efficiency. The transponders work 10 years energy-autonomously.

Tablet and smartphone optimization

In the system architecture, attention was paid to connectivity to tablets, smartphones and SmartWatches. These can be used in the future as information media and for control purposes.

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